When the ‘Sold’ sign goes up, we get down to business.

Real estate transactions, whether it be a first home or a large commercial space, can be a complicated and time-sensitive process. Once a purchase and sale is finalized, there is a lot of legal work to be done. Our experienced and knowledgeable real estate lawyers provide thorough and efficient guidance along with personalized service including meeting after-hours to accommodate clients’ busy schedules. 

Kaminker & Associates can be relied upon for diligent, cost-effective, and expedient service in both private and commercial real estate transactions including:
•    Acquisition and Sale of Commercial Properties
•    Subdivision Projects
•    Purchase and Sale of Residential Properties
•    Recreational
•    Condominiums
•    Cottages
•    Landlord and Tenant Agreements
•    Refinancing
•    Commercial Leases


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