At Kaminker & Associates, you will benefit from our personalized and efficient approach to meeting your legal needs. You will work alongside the same lawyer from start to finish and have direct access to your legal team. We feel this is the best way to build the necessary trust and consistency required to achieve the greatest success in your unique case. 

We offer clients exceptional counsel and highly effective legal representation in the areas of immigration, real estate, employment and corporate law, and wills and estates.



Kaminker & Associates takes the guesswork out of your immigration paperwork.  

Immigrating to Canada can be daunting, confusing, and frustrating. The process is complex, technical, and time-consuming. The slightest oversight can lead to a negative outcome or delayed decision. With compassion and understanding, our lawyers will help you overcome these challenges by guiding you through each step, helping you understand the most current rules and regulations of immigration law, and ensuring that no detail of your application or appeal is overlooked.

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We know that in the corporate world, quality and speed go a long way. 

At Kaminker & Associates, we understand that business moves at lightning speed and it’s no different when it comes to corporate immigration cases. Whether your company needs to obtain a work permit for a newly hired employee or visas for international business visitors, time and accuracy is of the essence. Our team of highly skilled and experienced corporate immigration lawyers can be counted on to ensure that you receive the necessary documentation in time to keep your business moving. 

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People are a company’s most important asset. We help you take care of them.

Employees have a significant impact on the success of any company or organization, large or small. As an owner and leader, you have an obligation to protect your workforce as well as your company. As an employee, you have a right to be treated with fairness and respect in a safe and productive environment. The team at Kaminker & Associates has the experience and know-how to guide both individuals and companies through a wide range of employment law issues, making sure that their best interests are taken care of. 

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We don’t just work for our corporate clients, we grow with them. 

Whether you are just starting your business or looking to expand your business, Kaminker & Associates has the depth of knowledge, experience and skill to ensure that your company successfully reaches the next level and beyond. With a keen business sense and strategic approach, our corporate lawyers will guide you through the legal steps that your company is ready to take now and recommend steps that should be taken in the future as your business evolves.

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When the ‘Sold’ sign goes up, we get down to business.

Real estate transactions, whether it be a first home or a large commercial space, can be a complicated and time-sensitive process. Even after a sale is finalized, there is a lot of legal work to be done. Our experienced and knowledgeable real estate lawyers provide thorough and efficient guidance along with personalized service including meeting after-hours to accommodate clients’ busy schedules. 

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