We know that in the corporate world, quality and speed go a long way. 

At Kaminker & Associates, we understand that business moves at lightning speed and it’s no different when it comes to corporate immigration cases. Whether your company needs to obtain a work permit for a newly hired employee or visas for international business visitors, time and accuracy is of the essence. Our team of highly skilled and experienced corporate immigration lawyers can be counted on to ensure that you receive the necessary documentation on time to keep your business – and your people – moving. 

When applying for corporate immigration documents and permits, complex and time-consuming compliance requirements must be met. Kaminker & Associates offers you the peace of mind that your application will be completed in compliance and on time, freeing you up to focus on what you do best – that is, run your business. 

We offer expert advice and efficient service in all areas of corporate immigration including:
•    Business Visitors
•    Labour Market Impact Assessments
•    NAFTA
•    Intra Company Transfers 


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