People are a company’s most important asset. We help you take care of them.

Employees have a significant impact on the success of any company or organization, large or small. As an owner and leader, you have an obligation to protect your workforce as well as your company. As an employee, you have a right to be treated with fairness and respect in a safe and productive environment. The team at Kaminker & Associates has the experience and know-how to guide both individuals and companies through a wide range of employment law issues, making sure that their best interests are taken care of. 

Our employment lawyers offer top-notch employment law services in the following areas:

•    Employment Contracts
•    Workplace Health and Safety
•    Worker’s Compensation (WSIB)
•    Human Rights
•    Harassment and Discrimination
•    Reprisals
•    Severance
•    Termination
•    Wrongful Dismissal
•    Constructive Dismissal


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