Immigrating to Canada? We Will Guide You Through Your Immigration Paperwork

Immigrating to Canada is exciting. But navigating the Canadian Immigration system can be complex, confusing, and stressful. Immigration laws change frequently, and simple mistakes, omissions, or misunderstandings can result in delays or your application being rejected entirely.

Kaminker & Associates has extensive experience helping individuals and their families immigrate to Canada as a temporary or permanent resident. By working with our dedicated team of lawyers in Toronto, Ontario, you’ll give yourself the best chance of receiving a positive result on your application.

Our team stays up to date on all of the laws that govern immigration, understand which type of application or class is most relevant to your case, and ensure your application is properly and fully completed. With experience working on complex and difficult cases, you can trust us to bring the skill and expertise you need.

Kaminker & Associates
Personal Immigration Services


You are applying for Canadian Citizenship

Permanent Residence

Coming to Canada through Express Entry, Family Reunification, or Humanitarian and Compassionate applications

Temporary Residence

Coming to Canada as a Visitor, Worker, or Student.

Temporary Foreign Worker

Getting a work permit to work in Canada.

Hearings and Appeals

Your application has been rejected.


Coming to Canada as a refugee in need of protection.


You’ve been deemed inadmissible and are unable to enter Canada.