Working in Canada? We’ll Get Your Paperwork in Order

Canada offers tremendous opportunities for foreign workers to live and work in the country. Companies hiring foreign workers or transferring employees to Canada also gain access to a pool of skilled and experienced workers from around the world.

Both workers and employers have responsibilities before the worker arrives in Canada and can legally work. There are different options depending on your unique situation.

Our team of skilled, experienced lawyers will help you understand the requirements for coming to Canada to work, and will help ensure that you have the proper visas, documentation, and permits before arriving.

Arriving at the Canadian border prepared and with everything in order reduces the time it takes to enter and avoids any complications that may result in you being deemed inadmissible and returned to your home country.

How We Can Help if You are Deemed Inadmissible to Canada

Prior to arriving in Canada, our team of dedicated immigration lawyers in Toronto will help ensure all of your documentation, identification, and permits are prepared so that you can mitigate the risk of issues at the border. We can also be available upon your arrival to help in case you are brought in for additional screening or questioning.

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Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)

Completing and receiving a positive LMIA to hire foreign workers.


Applying through the new agreement between Canada, United States, and Mexico

Intracompany Transfers

Transferring employees from a foreign office to Canada.

Hiring a Temporary Foreign Worker

Hiring an employee to work in Canada.