Francophone Mobility

The Francophone Mobility Program is an initiative from the government of Canada that issues work permits to French-speaking foreign nationals who will live and work in a Francophone community outside of Quebec. To be eligible you must have a job offer that is a skill level of 0, A, or B on the National Occupation Code (NOC). Any nationality can apply for this program.

There is no labour market impact assessment required for this work permit from employers. This makes this immigration avenue very attractive to employers since it shortens the immigration process and can reduce costs. The permit is employer-specific, valid for the duration of the offer of employment and renewable. There is no cap on how many applicants can utilize this program and there is no prevailing wage required. Similarly, the position does not need to be posted in advance.

You may also be allowed to apply for this permit if you’re already in Canada. Your spouse may also qualify for an open work permit using this program and your dependents would be allowed to study in Canada without a permit. This permit can also serve as a stepping stone for permanent residency. If you work for your employer for at least a year you may earn more points for the Express Entry system and some provincial nominee programs.


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