Despite your best efforts, your application may be denied. In these cases, you have a number of options to appeal or request a review depending on what you were originally applying for. We can help you choose the best option to receive a positive result.

Appealing a Permanent Residence Decision

If your application for sponsorship or permanent residence is denied you have the right to appeal the decision and receive a new hearing. These cases are heard by the Immigration Appeal Division (IAD) of the Immigration and Refugee Board. During the appeal witnesses can be called, new evidence can be introduced, and you can testify or answer questions.

Judicial Review for Work Permit Application

In cases where your work permit application is denied, you must file a judicial review with the Federal Court of Canada. The decision is based solely on the original information that was included in the application, and there is no opportunity to introduce new evidence, call witnesses, or testify. Only a lawyer may file for judicial review and be present during the proceedings. Immigration consultants and other advisors cannot present your case, and you cannot be present in the court

Skilled Immigration Lawyers Can Make The Difference

At Kaminker & Associates, we have experience presenting difficult and complex cases in the Federal Court of Canada for judicial review, or appealing a permanent residence decision in front of the IAD.

Our team of dedicated immigration lawyers in Toronto, Ontario have a deep understanding of how to present your case most effectively, giving you the best chance of a positive result. We will work directly with you throughout your case and provide personalized assistance that is most relevant to your case and unique situation.

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