Kaminker & Associates takes the guesswork out of your immigration paperwork.

Immigrating to Canada can be daunting, confusing, and frustrating. The process is complex, technical, and time-consuming. The slightest oversight can lead to a negative outcome or delayed decision. With compassion and understanding, our lawyers will help you overcome these challenges by guiding you through each step, helping you understand the rules and regulations of immigration law, and ensuring that no detail of your application or appeal is overlooked. 

In addition, the laws that govern immigration are revised often, for example, when there is a change in government. Our team stays current and up-to-date on these changes and understands how they will impact our clients’ cases.  

Kaminker & Associates has extensive experience in all areas of immigration and refugee law including:
•    Permanent Residence
•    Temporary Residence (eg. student visa)
•    Hearings and Appeals
•    Refugee Protection
•    Citizenship


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