Today’s labor shortage is causing more employers to consider hiring international workers. If you’ve ever wondered what’s involved for you, as an employer — or if you’re an American worker considering taking a job in Canada — this podcast will be of particular interest to you. We talk with Hart Kaminker who specializes in Canadian immigration law. Hart helps skilled professional workers come to Canada, helps Canadian companies hire foreign workers and works with individuals who want to get permanent residence in Canada. Although Hart’s expertise is Canadian immigration law, he raises general issues that are most likely to affect American employers, too, if they want to hire international workers. He also answers many questions Americans and others may have about moving to Canada for a job or to live there permanently.

So if you want to know:

  • Major things companies need to think through before hiring international workers
  • Issues that can keep somebody out of Canada
  • What happens if you hire an international worker who just doesn’t work out
  • Hart’s number one piece of advice for companies thinking about hiring international workers and for workers thinking about taking a job in Canada

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Hart founded Kaminker & Associates in 2004, building it into a full-service boutique immigration law firm that helps individuals and businesses with relocation to Canada. He helps Biotech, Tech, and Healthcare companies and institutions needing to bring skilled workers from out of the country to work at their companies. Hart brings nearly 3 decades of experience in Immigration and Citizenship law earning him a reputation as a compassionate and highly skilled immigration lawyer. He works directly with clients to help them understand what to expect in their case. Hart often speaks at events for the Canadian Bar Association and other community organizations in the Greater Toronto Area. He has served on the Board of Governors at Beth Tikvah Synagogue and the UJA Israel Engagement Committee. He is also a member of the OBA executive committee.

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